Miami’s Best Boating Destinations

Miami, FL is all about its waterside. Miami River, Marinas and also the Intracoastal River. Selection of beaches such as the well-known South Coastline, ranked as the top coastline in the US.

Bordered by Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is a leading location for boating and also cruising

Miami's best boating destinations

The Best Boating Spots in Miami You Can Enjoy:

Miami Coastline

North Beach teems with surprises.full of leading restaurants as well as bars and likewise you’ll locate a number of world-class destinations in North Coastline, from the North Beach Oceanside Park, the Normandy Shores Golf Club, to the North Coastline Bandshell.

At the south of South Coastline, South Coastline brings in the abundant and famous as well as vibrant, yet it currently is recognized all over the world as worthy of a keep or every body to visit. You will certainly find Miami coastline marina, which has a wide diversity of boats from luxury yachts to charter boats as well as among Florida’s finest boating spots.

Coconut Grove

Miami’s oldest community and one of the most beautiful places. Lavish, bayside Coconut Grove has an easygoing, tropical vibe and also bohemian beauty. Banyan trees, also live oaks line peaceful property streets. Parks and eco-friendly areas populate the Biscayne Bay coastline.

If you are boating in Miami, stop in and take a walk via the streets of Coconut Grove. It is one of the very best places to boat in Miami, as well as dockage is very accessible. 

Key Biscayne

With a coastal obstacle reef, and fantastic coastlines, right between 2 stunning parks. Key Biscayne is absolutely nothing less than a strip of heaven on Florida.

Rent a boat in Miami and don’t miss to visit this location. the island community of Key Biscayne must be your destination of choice.

Haulover Sandbar

The sand shows up above the water to leave a awesome tidy beach with just sea throughout. It’s a little sanctuary of sand with light blue waters that stretches as far as the eyes can see.

You may drift up and also have water beneath your keel. So, make certain you have hrs to save with your Miami boat rental service when intending a trip to one of Miami’s sandbars.